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CRE_ICHEAR Project Grants

Purpose of the Project Grants

Hearing loss associated with persistent middle ear infection (otitis media – OM) during a child’s formative year’s causes language and speech delay, auditory processing disorder, social isolation and educational disadvantage. For Indigenous children across Australia, hearing loss is having a devastating impact on social development and educational achievement.

The CRE_ICHEAR builds research capacity by funding seed projects, people support and extensions to current project grants. Working as part of the CRE_ICHEAR research team, grant recipients will be supported by Australia’s leading researchers and medical practitioners in the field of child ear and hearing health, including microbiology and basic sciences, clinical trials research, audiology, child development, and utilising quantitative and qualitative research methods. 

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Please note: Project Grant submissions for are currently closed. 


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For researchers

Otitis Media (OM), sometimes known as glue ear or runny ears…

For health practitioners

Otitis Media (OM), sometimes known as glue ear or runny ears…

For families and communities

Many Indigenous children, and almost all Indigenous children living in remote communities...