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Celebrating the first Hearing for Learning Initiative Ear Health Facilitator Graduates

Date posted: 03rd of September 2020

The Hearing for Learning Initiative, leveraged by the CRE ICHEAR, and chaired by ICHEAR PIs Professor Amanda Leach and Associate Professor Kelvin Kong has celebrated its first seven Ear Health Facilitator graduates in the Tiwi Islands.

Graduates attended a six-week course at Wurrumiyanga, which provided them with Certificate II modules in Aboriginal Primary Health Care and enhanced skills in detecting ear and hearing problems. The results are reported to health professionals who make a diagnosis and plan that can be explained in language to the family by the Ear Health Facilitators. Ear Health Facilitators will also assist children with ear and hearing problems to attend their appointments with fly-in/fly-out specialists.

The goal of the Hearing for Learning Initiative is to work with a total of 20 communities across the Northern Territory to train and employ 40 local part time ear health facilitators, and screen 5,000 children aged 0-16 years. The aim is to work with communities to establish reliable, sustainable, culturally appropriate services that ensure every ear of every child is healthy and hearing every day. The project is a stepped-wedge clinical trial, funded by a partnership between The Balnaves Foundation, the NT and Federal Government.

See NIT article “Menzies School of Health Research puts Tiwi ears in Tiwi hands” to read more and hear from Professor Amanda Leach and graduate Aileen Tiparui.

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