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CRE Supports Qualitative Workshop

Date posted: 05th of December 2016

At the end of November, Telethon Kids Institute in Perth hosted a successful Qualitative research workshop.  The CRE was able to support the presenters and a number of attendees at this meeting, which received exceptional feedback.

Qualitative research is an increasingly important tool in gathering data with Indigenous communities and participants in research projects.  Bringing together a host of researchers with an interesting in this field provided a fantastic networking and relationship building opportunity.

Thanks to Isabelle, Deborah and Heather for organising such a fantastic event.

Some of the CRE members at the workshop: Rose Walley, Juanita Sherwood, Deborah Lehman, Heather D'Antoine, Emily Jennings, Penny Abbott, Victoria Stroud, Amanda Leach

Read Deborah Lehmanns report on the workshop here for a full review of the event.

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