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The OMapp is LIVE!

Date posted: 24th of February 2020

We are excited to announce the OMapp is now live and available for download from Apple's App Store and Googleplay

The OMapp has been developed in line with the 2017 update of the Otitis Media Guidelines using the GRADEPro approach. The app's development has been overseen by a national Technical Advisory Group (TAG) consisting of high profile experts with experience in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. In addition to the TAG, a small and dedicated app development team have worked tirelessly to make the OMapp a reality. Their work has included developing the architecture of the app, writing script, fixing bugs, conducting literature reviews and managing the publication of the OMapp through Apple's App Store and Google Play. Earlier beta versions of the OMapp have been tested thoroughly by clinicians and consumers and we would like to thank everyone who provided feedback and contributed to this critical phase in the development of the OMapp. 

The OMapp has been designed to provide information and multimedia to assist primary health care providers in the delivery of comprehensive, effective and appropriate care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with otitis media (ear infections).

The OMapp includes:

  • Evidence based guidelines prepared using the GRADE approach
  • Algorithms to assist with clinical decision making
  • Audio recordings in aboriginal languages to assist with communication
  • Multimedia educational materials for health workers, families and children

If you want the latest expert information on Otitis Media at your fingertips - download the OMapp via Apple's App Store and Google Play!

Photo: The OMapp Development Team (LtoR: Sumon Das, Steve Buchanan & Jarod Pak).

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