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Date posted: 06th of March 2018

A note from project lead, Professor Jenny Reath.


Dear colleagues

Thanks all for your ongoing efforts to recruit to WATCH and INFLATE. We are pleased to report that since our last update there have been three more children recruited to WATCH (and I undercounted by one last update) taking us to 159 children in total of our planned 500 children – though we will only need 400 if we get close to 100% Day 7 follow-up as is now occurring at some of our sites.

Big congratulations to:

Sissy and team at Inala and particularly to Dr Jodie who recruited a participant last week

Letitia and the Kalwun team who continue to rush to the lead in recruitments with recruitments from Dr Jeremy and Dr Sonia since I last updated you!

Welcome to Aaron

I also wanted to welcome Aaron West who is the new WATCH/ INFLATE RO at Winnunga – great to have you on board Aaron and looking forward to meeting with you face to face. Many thanks to Reeion and to Shavaun who worked with us previously on WATCH!

Some publicity

You may also be interested to read some of the WATCH / INFLATE publicity which has been reported in a number of local newspapers  as well as Campus Review (a universities publication) see

Great to be working with you all!


Jenny on behalf of WATCH and INFLATE

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